Estimating Default Risk in Fund Structures

We recently hosted a series of Knowledge Management sessions titled “Spark” on an array of topics. Over the coming days we will be sharing notes and proceeds from these sessions. We begin with proceeds from Ravi Saraogi’s session on “Estimating Default Risk in Fund Structures” where he talked about why such estimation is a challenging task […]

Raising the caps for lower rated bonds

The corporate bond market in India is relatively underdeveloped compared to other emerging markets. While several supply-side problems have been resolved, the core issue of restrictive regulatory norms for investment in corporate bonds remains a significant constraint, particularly when it comes to exposure in lower rated bonds. The corporate bond market in India is relatively […]

On-shoring offshore funds to India

Foreign investment flowing into India is primarily pooled and managed in offshore jurisdictions. This is because our regulatory framework discourages asset managers based out of India from managing offshore pools of capital. As a result, several offshore funds which target investing in India have fund managers of Indian origin who have relocated to offshore locations. […]

Structuring a Fund Platform for Financial Inclusion in India

In the latest edition of Securitisation & Structured Finance Handbook 2016/17 (published by Capital Markets Intelligence) Ravi Saraogi, IFMR Investments & Robin Tyagi, IFMR Capital, have authored a chapter on Structuring a Fund Platform for Financial Inclusion in India. The authors present the use of structured finance in designing a fund platform for greater capital […]

From Looking to Seeing

I met today with the promoter and CEO of one of our newer Small Business Loan Originators and visited some of their end borrowers in Bombay. I heard an interesting story of their very first client not too long ago. This was a sandwich vendor who runs a makeshift stall outside the Bombay Stock Exchange […]

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