We are a group of specialised investment manager in the financial inclusion space with deep experience in the financial inclusion space. Northern Arc Investments will also provide on-going risk and monitoring services on the portfolio of investments made.

Northern Arc Investments primary objective is to facilitate investments into high quality originators impacting low income households by acting as a manager to investors, both domestic and off-shore.

Northern Arc Investments is part of the Northern Arc Capital, a mission driven organisation that works to ensure that every individual and every enterprise has complete access to financial services. Northern Arc Investments’ objective is to provide high quality investment advice and investment management services in asset classes that impact the financially excluded.

Northern Arc Investments takes a multi-pronged strategy to bring the best of fund management both in the domestic and offshore markets to provide managed products solutions in the financial inclusion space and will work towards having a significant impact on improving access to finance in sectors like microfinance, housing, SME lending, commercial vehicle finance, agribusiness lending and others.