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Investment Strategy Northern Arc Investments identifies and addresses gaps in the funding and debt capital structure of retail financial institutions in India.

Each of the Funds launched by Northern Arc Investments is targeted to address
a structural gap in the funding and debt capital structure of investee companies.
Northern Arc Investments, consistent with the strategy adopted by its Parent, Northern
Arc Capital, focuses on small and mid-sized high-quality institutions with strong
governance and risk management processes and systems.

Northern Arc Investments comes with the Northern ArcCapital’s in-depth
understanding of the Indian retail finance space with the collective experience of due
diligences on over 150 retail financial institutions across asset classes as highlighted
above. These entities have outperformed the industry and displayed high degree
of resilience due to their strong underwriting and origination processes; high focus
on risk management; strong field operations and local presence. Backed by strong
underwriting criteria and credit risk, Northern Arc Investments has laid down stringent
filters on potential investee companies.