Northern Arc Investments : Fund Management Vertical of Northern Arc Group

billion in deployments
years track
portfolio companies
active funds

Several Performing Credit companies from across the rating universe (AAA – BBB)

Demonstrated underwriting experience spanning across both traditional & new-age businesses

Institutional support from the Northern Arc Group

Bespoke portfolio based on investor preferences

Proven track record of delivering investor returns across expectations: 9-14% (net)

Structured returns: Cashflow focused or tax-efficiency focused structures with varying tenors

AUM of over INR 2,500 crore in the performing credit space

500+ investors spanning insurance, NBFC, DFI, corporate, family office across domestic and offshore investor base

End-to-end experience across the funds’ life cycle (fund-raising, investing and complete exit)

Why PMS over AIF/Credit MF/Single Issuance Securities

A PMS product offered by Northern Arc provides an investor with not only a curated set of investments with the benefit of diversification, exit options and risk adjusted returns but also allows investors to leverage on Northern Arc’s asset management, insight on portfolio companies and monitoring

^ Returns of Debt focused AIFs* For issuance rated A- and above

This communication does not constitute nor form part of and should not be construed as an offer, an invitation to offer, an advertisement or any other solicitation, an advice or recommendation to purchase or subscribe any securities or interests, including any potential interest in any offering by Northern Arc Investments. As per SEBI’s circular dated February 06, 2020, all AIFs are required to showcase their performance against AIF performance benchmarks released by CRISIL. To access the full contents of the SEBI benchmarking report, kindly visit the URL: https://bit.ly/38ptZMl

An investment opportunity offering risk reward over the short to medium-term horizon


A diversified basket of securities of similar maturity across
Northern Arc’s focus sectors


Exit options made available to investors at the end of every year

Lean Economics Fund

Lower expenses with no profit sharing, thereby ensuring higher post
expense returns

Shorter Fund Tenor

Bespoke solutions to meet investor requirements of shorter tenure

Taxation Benefit

Tax Pass through structure as security held in Investors Demat

Due Diligence

Northern Arc’s Due Diligenced portfolio

An investment opportunity offering risk reward over the short to medium-term horizon

Investment Approach
Northern Arc Income Builder Series A
Investment Objective
The broad objective/purpose of the Scheme is to earn higher risk-adjusted returns with lower tax incidence by investing in a diversified pool of securities of institutions such as microfinance institutions, affordable housing finance companies, small business loans finance companies, vehicle finance companies, corporate finance companies and agri-business finance companies that provide credit to financially underserved end-customers.
Basis of selection of such types of securities as part of the investment approach

The portfolio will predominantly invest in Listed MLDs, which will fill the existing gap in the capital structure of originators in identified sectors and may comprise of moderate to high yield debt, which will be senior secured, which may be rated A- and above -by credit rating agencies.

Type of Securities

-Listed MLDs, Money Market Instruments, Units of Liquid, Money Market and Overnight Mutual Fund Schemes and Cash & Cash Equivalents

Indicative tenure or investment horizon

Medium Term

The Strategy features as stated above is a subset of details specified in the Disclosure Document. Kindly refer the Disclosure Document for the detailed investment approach /Strategy specific risk factors before investing.

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